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We are proud affiliates of X-Pole and love that we can offer their high-quality, world-renown equipment! Our studio has brass, stainless steel, chrome and silicone poles rigged for our classes.

Most people discover during classes at ECP

that they have a preference for the material of their poles.

Below are some guidelines when purchasing your first home pole!


  • 45mm: The industry standard is 45 mm around. Our studio currently offers 45 mm poles for classes. This is generally the most comfortable diameter for hand and leg grips, and this is the size we recommend all dancers start with.


  • 50 mm: This was the original industry standard. 50 mm poles can still be found in some studios! This size is larger in diameter, so it is more difficult to grip with your hands, and creates a lot of conditioning for forearms and hands, but feels great with leg grips. If you can do it on a 50 mm, you will feel like a beast on anything smaller! 

  • 40 mm: These poles are the smallest diameter currently offered by X-pole. Dancers with smaller hands may prefer this size. It makes spins and tricks a little easier on the hands, but some find it more difficult or painful on things that require a lot of leg hangs or leg grips.



  • Chrome: Chrome is the industry standard material you'll find in nearly every studio around the world. Chrome can feel slippery at first, but breaking your pole in by dancing a little every day and improving your grip strength will be beneficial on your pole journey. 


  • Stainless Steel: This feels similar to chrome, but gets grippier for most dancers as you warm up the pole. This is an excellent option for many reasons, but the main benefit is longevity due to the innate strength of steel. Another benefit is for dancers with metal allergies, as this material is hypoallergenic. 



  • Brass: This beautiful material may leave your hands smelling like pennies, but the grip is amazing! Because it is a softer metal, it allows dancers to have better grip. Dancers who are oily or sweaty, or who live in humid climates, may prefer brass. Due to the softer nature of brass, the longevity of brass poles may not be as long as others.


  • Powder Coated: This is a fun option for those who want a different color on their pole! Black, white and pink are the options offered by x-pole! It is a grippy material, but may cause a lot of friction on skin for things like drops or static rotations as you progress in your pole journey. 

  • Silicone: The grippiest option of them all! While this material is not ideal for bare skin, it is an excellent option for those who prefer to remain clothed for religious or personal reasons, as well as for performing in full costumes! 


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