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Policies & Procedures

Attendence Policies

Class Ettiquette

What To Wear

  • Doors will be locked 10 minutes after class starts. Students who are more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted in class. Warm-up is how classes begin and it is an imperative part of class to prevent injury.  

  • Reservations ahead of time are REQUIRED. We do not overbook classes as it is a safety issue. 

  • All attendees must participate in class. Spectators are strictly forbidden.

  • We reserve the right to cancel classes that do not have any students signed up before the start of class. If there is only 1 student registered for class and the instructor chooses to continue with their class, the instructor reserves the right to limit class time to 30 min.

  • Membership/class credit expirations cannot be extended, paused, or canceled unless the student has relocated 30+ miles from the studio or has sustained an injury as verified by their doctor. 

  • We have a no refunds or exchanges policy. All sales are final.

  • Please be respectful and attentive to the instructor when they are speaking and demonstrating.

  • We strictly prohibit students from teaching other students. Not only is it unsafe to do so, but it is disrespectful to your instructor and distracting to fellow students. 

  • Be kind to and support your fellow students. If you see someone doing something amazing, cheer for them!

  • This is a judgement-free studio. We welcome adults of all races, ages, sizes, religions, abilities, and gender expressions. We all have different struggles and  goals, and we all progress at different rates. Don't compare yourself to others and enjoy the journey! 

  • No body shaming yourself or others. Please refrain from any and all discussion of weight and weight loss.

  • Ask questions! If you need more explanation, something isn't clicking, or you just want to understand a movement better, don’t be afraid to ask. We love questions!

  • Video and photos are permitted in all classes. Please get permission to post online from anyone that may be in your video/photo. Always ask your instructor for permission before filming instruction.

  • For the safety of yourself and the focus of other students, please stick to the moves being taught by your instructor and  the class level you are attending. Adding a pirouette or sit to a beginner combo? Great! Things like inverting and bird of paradise in a beginner class can be distracting.

  • Leggings or joggers are great for some dance-based classes, but keep a pair of shorts layered underneath or on hand! Skin contact is a huge part of what helps you stick to the pole safely.

  • Please remove all jewelry from neck, hands, wrists, etc, before class begins. It damages the equipment and possibly your belongings. Please refrain from wearing clothing with zippers, metal buttons, metal studs, etc.

  • Oils and oil based lotions are STRICTLY prohibited on the poles. We do offer pole grip for sale in the studio. 

  • It's always a good idea to have knee pads and socks on hand. Heels are not necessary but highly encouraged! No street shoes allowed.

By entering our studio, you are agreeing to adhere to any and all studio policies. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from class and/or membership suspension or cancellation.

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