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Flying Pole

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Flying Pole (or Aerial Pole) is a pole rigged from the top so you can have the freedom to combine pole and aerial into something new and exciting! Starting with a full body warm up, we will work on spin and strength conditioning for flying pole. Students will learn the basics of working with a hand loop, before learning a flying flow with varying elements and difficulties. Emphasis will be on learning spin, tricks, and transitions so that students can begin mastering the art of flying! 

LEVEL: Intermediate+, must have basic invert (reach out to Kat Graham for any questions about level)

Guest Instructor: Whitley Cally is a professional aerialist and instructor based out of Austin, Texas. Whitley began her Flying Pole journey in January 2020. There were no flying pole classes at that time, so she bought her own set up and began learning to fly! With countless hours and dedication, she built the knolwedge and skill that she is ready to share with others who want to fly. 


Investment: $60

LOCATION:  Aerial Dance Panama City

653 Jackson Way

Panama City, Fl 32405

Date: March 4, 2023

Time: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

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