About our teachers 


Dr. Jenny 

Founder & Director

Hello! I am Dr. Jenny. 

I am on a mission to help pole dancers decrease risk of injury and improve performance through a better understanding of their anatomy and biomechanics. 

I am a licensed athletic trainer with a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. My experiences in Sports Medicine include clinical practice and extensive research on functional performance following injury and surgery. I have worked with all kinds of athletes - Olympians, professionals, and even pole dancers!

As pole dancers, there is so much we can do to decrease our risk of getting hurt.

But these topics are often neglected in pole classes. 

So JOIN ME as I offer my knowledge and expertise to our pole dance industry. I want to help YOU have the best pole dance experience possible!


Hello! I am Kat! 

Kat Graham fell in love with pole fitness in 2010. She began earning her pole instructor certifications with Xpole in 2020 to bring the empowering art of pole to the panhandle! Pole conditioning is her favorite class to teach and street poling is her favorite pole activity! She is a mom to three amazing kiddos who can all climb to the top of the pole like pros!


Misty Joy 

Hello! I am Misty! 

Misty fell in love with pole fitness in 2010.