Revolve Beginner Pole Choreo (90 minutes): Prerequisites: classic pole climb, cross leg pole sit, open to all of Kat’s pole students Description: Get ready to spin and twirl! This beginner-friendly workshop is perfect if you are just getting started on pole and want to add a little flare to your spins and climbs. We will work through some of the more foundational turns and spins on the ground taking care to look at the details that make these moves look clean, beautiful, and uniquely you! In addition to investigating some foundations, we will work through a couple of sequences that do not require inversions, giving you time to understand the moves and combine them in different ways. Heels are not required but never denied!


Get your booty up! (90 minutes): Prerequisites: no pole skills required, but come ready to work, try new things, and probably giggle! Description: Let’s face it...pole tricks are hard, but not impossible! If you’re looking to understand what goes into getting your feet off the ground, climbing, inverting, and trusting your grip, this workshop is for you! You do not need any pole skills under your belt to come. We will be working through a variety of mobility and strengthening exercises on the floor that will help you get your booty up! Constance is a career movement artist certified in aerial, yoga, and pilates and pulls from all disciplines to build her drills!


Give me a beat! (90 minutes): Prerequisite: Must be able to comfortably climb, invert in the air repeatedly during the course of a class, and hang off two hands with feet off the ground. It is helpful to be versed in intermediate-level skills such as shoulder mounts and handstands. Description: This is a dynamic pole workshop focusing on momentum skills for intermediate-level students looking to add some beats in and out of skills to their repertoire. Join me in working through these transitions and experience just how powerful you really are through dynamic movement! This is a “no shoes” workshop for acrobatic skills.